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Volunteer Director

Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse

Board Member Position Description

Volunteer Director

Background and History:

The Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse Board is a sub-group of the Forest Lake Athletic Association (FLAAA) and serves as a 5013C non-profit organization independent of the public-school system to provide athletic opportunities for students in the areas of Baseball, Basketball, Fastpitch, Football, Lacrosse, T-Ball, and Volleyball.

The Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse Board oversees all planning and activities specifically related to youth lacrosse for girls and boys between ages 7-15.

Volunteer Director

Term: Elected/Appointed to the FL Lax Board with a 2-year term running November to October.  

Position Summary:

The Volunteer Director is responsible for coordinating volunteer activities and assignments for families of you lacrosse; coordination of dibs or other tracking tools to ensure seasonal requirements have been met.

Essential Duties:

  • Establish volunteer opportunities and coordinate /communicate details to team managers.
  • Set expectations around specific opportunities to ensure compliance.
  • Track volunteer hours.

Monthly Time Commitment:

  • Jan - Aug - 5 hours/month
  • Sept - Dec - 1 hours / month