Volunteer Information

The Forest Lake Youth Lacrosse association cannot be successful without the support and commitment of our volunteers, families, and players. Volunteers are critical to our operations. We have a great appreciation for the hours of planning, coaching, event coordination, and all operations that allow our youth to continue the sport they love so much!

Volunteering for Lacrosse Season 2023

Volunteering is going to be formatted in a different way for this year. Each team will have a Team Rep in charge of several things including the disbursement of the volunteering hours for parents. The Team Rep will be in charge of making sure each family does their hours for the season. The Team Rep will assign the parents their times and assignment or if they could set up a sign-up genius on their team chat for parents to use. It’s whatever they feel most comfortable with or what will work for them.

This year we will not be collecting checks like in the past years. Parents will be expected to fulfill all duties that are assigned to them and if they’re not doing their part then the board will be notified, and we will have to take further action. Duties will include working the clock, scores table, and field set up and take down. It is important that everyone does their part with helping out.

Scores Table: Keeping track of the score this could be home or away game. For further assistance you can ask the refs and or the coaches for directions.

Field Setup/Takedown: This would consist of setting up the field and taking everything down. Everything is stored in the bin that you will need with a lock on it. You can ask Refs and or coaches how to set up. Please make sure to put everything back in the bin when taking down. Please also make sure to set up the scores table. This is just for when we play home games.

Working the clock: Keeping track of the time for the game. This could be home or away game. For further assistance you can ask the refs and or the coaches for directions.